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Joy: search, choose and go for it!

Geplaatst op 7 december, 2017 om 3:35 Comments reacties (0)

Joy : search, choose and go for it!

One day I felt really stuck: I didn’t get the results I was looking for and I wasn’t satisfied in cooperating with business partners. I didn’t know how to get out of this situation and got quite upset when I got the suggestion to choose joy, to see things in a more positive way. Well, I certainly didn’t feel the joy, so what was the purpose since I didn’t feel like pretending… Guess you will recognize these moments in life, and maybe you are just in the middle of it…

Find what gives you joy and go there!

This kept me thinking: find what gives me joy… This doesn’t mean in the first place: feel the joy. It implies a research, an active state of mind and heart. How can I find more joy in what I am doing, what gives me joy? What makes my life more joyful, my work more joyful and thus gives me energy. This basically means that there is something else before joy can be felt, it’s a fruit of my activity. This changes a lot: I shouldn’t be in search for joy in itself, but have to cooperate in my action to what gives me joy as a result. Even more I need my whole being to be engaged since I have to go there! It take me on a journey and requires my creativity. On the way I may find obstacles, stepping stones, nice places, wonderful people, I may find myself. It requires to take action and leadership over my life: I am responsible for the commitment I make to lean toward joy! Joy can come from a decision to have more fun. Rather than being an expression of how I feel, it is a choice I make…

How do I find what gives me joy?

What if I seem to be trapped in negative stories, in things that don’t work out as I would have liked it to be? Or even the negativity of my surroundings, the hardships I have to deal with? Still I have a choice to look at the other side: ‘How can I make this situation more fun?’ No matter how small this may seem, it opens our heart to look at our lives in a different way. Actually I am surprised to see how far we can sometimes drift away from our birthright to live a life of joy! If it is our birthright, then nobody is excepted! So YES, joy is also for you to become your default! And if you have lost the sense of what gives you joy, you only have to look back at who you once were. This core is still there, sometimes you just need to do a little bit of cleaning to see the diamond shining again. How would it feel if you measured your success based on how much fun you are having? Do you take that challenge?...

Is planning overrated?

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Is planning for 2018 overrated?

John Lennon's quote : 'Life happens when you are busy making other plans', made me reflect on this time of the year: looking back to evaluate and making new plans with new goals for the next...

Should I stop planning in order to live fully? But of cours I don't want to miss anything: ‘Can I have the better of two worlds?’ Is there some kind of relationship between the two?

When I get to evaluate with business owners, evaluating why they got stuck, their lack of success or not reaching their goals, this is often related to moments when they got stuck or lost in their personal lives. They get caught up by negative convictions taking over control at the back of their mind, thus blocking the access to success.

Setting goals in alignment with who you are

When you are planning, is this just coming from your mind, a nice idea for which you are planning a nice strategy in order to make it come true? Adding all your will power to accomplish it? This requires very hard work... Or, do you feel the goals like coming from within as like being carried by your person as a whole. Sprouting forth from the heart, which is, so to say, the meeting point of mind and feeling, a place where we bring light to our intuition. Are you then done working, waiting for things to happen? Absolutely not. It is within this motion where, with my whole being I am in alignment to reach my goals. Thus the movement of life comes and pushes you forward. Destructive affirmations vanish and success then seems to come naturally.

I hear you say: 'How do I know if I am in alignment with my goals?' Take the time to sit back, connect in silence alone or, if you prefer with someone else, and connect to your goals: ‘What do you feel, which emotions come up, what hidden negative affirmations pop up, blocking your access to your summit? It is only by allowing these feelings and thoughts that you can start changing them. And know: 'no matter what, there is always a solution leading you to your success..!' Do you grab this chance?

Are you a business owner and would you like to know wether you are in alignment with your goals for the next year? Contact me and I will give you a free 30 min. session.

Do you recognize this, or want to share how you set up your strategies? Please share in the comments.

Success? Celebrate or hide?

Geplaatst op 16 november, 2017 om 16:10 Comments reacties (0)

Celebrate success? I’d rather hide…

What do you do when you experience success?

Do you celebrate, alone or with friends? Are you just continuing the work that needs to be done, caught up in the ratrace of owning a business? Or do you get stuck, wondering: ‘Is this it?’ or, ‘What next?’. What is success, what do you do with it and why is it so important to celebrate your achievements, no matter how small they are?

When I look back at my own life and the moment I felt so stuck, not knowing where I was coming from or where I was going, I now realize this had to do with the lack of true celebration, I just kept going and would start a new project once the other one was finished. And finally I didn’t have anything to give anymore: the batteries were just flat…

What is success and why is it so important to embrace it?

Achieving your goals gives you time to reconnect with yourself, an invitation to slow down and evaluate what you have done: 'Which qualities have I used to reach this summit?', even if it may seem small.

It's an opportunity to reconnect with the people you love, and/or the people you are working with, to celebrate. And this is where it may become a challenge: the fear of slowing down and connecting with yourself and with others. This also means the invitation to start feeling again, to become visible in your qualities and in who you are. And maybe even also a 'holy fear' of seeing our dreams become reality. A fear of not knowing where this will finally lead you, a fear of grandeur which you didn’t foresee. Untill then, your dreams were still hidden, but when it becomes reality you may start wondering: 'What do people think of it, what do they think of me?'. You enter a new kind of vulnerability, which requires a new stage in your personal growth. Do you let this fear paralyse you so as to start isolating yourself, as a business owner told me recently. The longer you postpone this encounter with yourself and with others, the more you get isolated and the harder it gets. and the more you drift away from yourself. On the contrary, if you allow yourself to embrace this success, going beyond the fear it may trigger, opening your heart to receive the fruit of your efforts, this will lead you to new growth.

How can I start embracing success?

Can you go back to that first moment you did something with a wonderful outcome? Think also about the little successes. How did you feel? What did you do, how did others look at you? What kind of affirmations are leading your behavior? Are they positive or rather negative? How did you become visible, could you receive the awe of the ones surrounding you, could you feel their love? By allowing these memories, feelings and thoughts to surface you are opening the doors of your heart to let light shine, warming you up and letting life enter more fully your being.

Do you recognize any of this? Can you grasp and embrace your success, or do you get paralyzed and do you rather hide? Please share your comments!