From burnout to breakthrough!

Work less and have more freedom in your life!

With an eagle’s sight,
I help you discover that,
no matter what situation you are in,
there is always a solution
leading to harvest your success !

At the age of 18 I, Saskia Kremer, decided to dedicate my life at the service of the poorest, leading me to live and work with the sisters of Mother Teresa. After a year I felt I was missing an intellectual challenge and joined a religious community in France where my studies were oriented towards the interaction between body and soul. This was an international Community and so I was sent to different places, thus continuing the life I was used to live as a daughter of expats, discovering the world.

After having lived in different convents each time with different responsibilities, I was sent to Texas, to a town on the Mexican border. After years of accompanying people in their daily hardships I discovered the pain and difficulties of the Mexican immigrants. At the same time, as a superior, I had the challenge of finding in a very short time finances for the purchase of the convent we were living in. If this wouldn’t succeed, we would be on the street. I felt the great responsibility to lead my little flock so they would be safe and have a place to live. It was an emotional and stressful time, not knowing if the cheques I signed would be covered in time… I had to abandon the outcome, each time taking the necessary steps to reach our goal. In the end we could not only purchase the convent, but even build the extensions we had already been longing for for years.

Yet, for me it was time to go and I was sent on a next mission. This time at the other end of the world: the Philippines. There, after years of moving around, each time starting all over again and again, something in me just snapped. I felt lost, lonely, exhausted and didn’t know what to do next. I felt something was missing, keeping me from experiencing a true fulfillment, I felt stuck in my personal growth. Since I could no longer function, didn’t know anymore where I was coming from or where I was going, I finally decided to leave the community and once more start all over again… I had to rediscover my true qualities, the things which gave me energy and acknowledge the things which didn’t. I understood that one of the things which wore me out was the lack of being able to harvest the success I was having as a true nourishment, as a time of enjoyment recharging the batteries.

After having regained energy and inner strength, I felt the urge to be able to share the richness of my own experience and guide people find their own way to success. From scratch I started my own business leading me to accompany people, often after illness or with disabilities, find their place in society. I discovered in these years how much personal growth and the growth of my business are linked. If I am stuck, my business stops growing until I have found my way back, have unlocked another piece of my heart to let success flourish.

When, after a destructive relationship, I moved with my two little children to Ireland, I decided to follow my deep desire to support business owners stuck in their business to find their pathway leading them from one success to the next. It is my passion to help you to unlock your heart so you are ready to embrace the payoff from your efforts and enjoy your success again!

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